• The ICEC Engineering seeks to develop differentiated and innovative solutions for the construction industry, from the layout initial stage to the operational phase of the project built. We are able to develop any kind of project in metal structures and concrete structures, from foundations to the roof system and facilities (“turn key” projects), as well as projects in Boiler area, among which:

    • Sheds
    • Industrial and Commercial Buildings
    • Bridges
    • Pipe Raks
    • Offshore Structures
    • Coverage Systems
    • Wind Towers
    • API 650 tanks
    • Silos
    • Ducts

Our system adopts quality standards according to ISO 9001, where the Engineering subdivided in the following items:

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    Basic Engineering

    At this stage we develop the best structural solutions, where understanding customer needs, we provide all the architectural design, civil and metallic structural calculation and basic projects, using the most renowned structural engineering software.

    As a premise we have in our projects the best weight and better structural typologies, facilitating the manufacturing processes and the field assembly.

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    Detailed Engineering

    When the solution is for civilian projects, from architectural design and structural calculations, we developed projects defining all construction details and quantifying all the necessary materials. For these solutions all design disciplines are integrated into the 3D BIM methodology.

    When the solution is for metal design, from basic designs, we developed the manufacturing and assembly drawings using 3D platform, creating sketches, materials lists and CNC files.

    Through proprietary technology, we dimensioned links between structural elements, seeking the best construction details; eliminating difficulties in manufacturing and providing more accurate and secure mounting.

    Also, in Detailed Engineering is born the entire production sequence, according to the assembly planning by means of a batch production system technology.

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    Methods and Process Engineering

    Through integration with the Detailed Engineering, we elaborate the cutting plans, process sheets and the power of modern CNC machines on the factory floor.

    We aggregated full traceability of raw materials, essential to the manufacturing process of Offshore structures and other Boiling types projects.

    We develop all procedures and necessary studies for a perfect Welding Engineering, fundamental when there are structures with significant amounts of solder.

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    Project Technical Coordination

    We perform the entire technical interface with the customer seeking to meet all the necessary technical requirements;

    We control and distribute all documents and projects generated by the Engineering, based on the ISO 9001 requirements.