Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus – São José do Rio Preto, Guarulhos e Franca

Nova Iguaçu - RJ | Franca, Guarulhos e S. J. Rio Preto - SP

About Project
Construction of Works Steady Turn-Key, including architectural projects, electrical installations, Plumbing, Fire and special; as well as earthworks, foundations, superstructure, masonry, roofing, finishing, facilities (air conditioning, electrical, power distribution, lighting, power, fire and special systems), external paving, landscaping and legal approvals four Religious Temples:

  • Temple de Nova Iguaçú – RJ – Built Area: 15.000 m²;
  • Temple de Franca – SP – Built Area: 10.000 m²;
  • Temple de São José do Rio Preto – SP – Built Area: 17.000 m²;
  • Temple de Guarulhos – SP – Built Area: 12.000 m2.

Built Area
54.000 m²